11 Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android

The flashlight option on Android mobile phones is one feature that is sometimes overlooked but can come in handy at unexpected times. In reality, almost all smartphones come with flashlight features. There are only common features, though. Download free Android flashlight apps if you desire more sophisticated features.

Numerous flashlight software are available for free download on Android. You must exercise caution when selecting it, though, as some applications can damage your mobile device.

Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android This Year

The following are safe and free flashlight apps for Android that you can download:

1. Smart Flashlight

Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android: Smart Flashlight

This free flashlight apps for Android is part of Smart Tools. As we know, various Smart Tools applications are very popular on Android because of its various features that can facilitate our daily work. This application will use the LED flash from the camera to be used as a flashlight.

If you do not have a flash, this application will use your device’s screen as a flashlight. This application also has special tools that you can put on the home screen. So, you only need to open the home screen to access it directly.

2. Flashlight


The developer Peacock Photo Studio developed this flashlight application. More than 52,000 PlayStore users have downloaded this application. This application has a variety of features in providing lighting only through mobile phones.

The main features in the Flashlight are Torchlight in Dark and Color Screen Light. Other features in this application are Morse Code Flash Light for SOS, and also complete with Compass & Map. So, a power outage will also not prevent you from reading a book in the dark.

3. Torch – Tiny Flashlight

Torch - Tiny Flashlight

More than 100 million Android users have downloaded this free flashlight app. The power button and battery indicator are shown when you first launch this programme. A notice stating that using a flashlight would lower battery capacity can also be seen.

This application is also very simple to use. To switch on and off the flashlight, you merely need to push the power button. Additional free plugins that you can download include Police Light, Warning Light, Light Bulb, and Fast Light. You only need a very limited amount of access rights to the installation to view the camera.

4. Privacy Flashlight

Privacy Flashlight

If you have any remaining concerns regarding the security of the flashlight app, you might want to give it a try. The security of user data is ensured by this application. This free flashlight software for Android is only 184 Kb in size, which is also a quite tiny size.

Do not anticipate this programme to have many features given its small size. You must be content with using a screen flashlight and a normal LED flashlight. But it’s still worthwhile to give this application a shot. In conclusion, this application is small and offers a security guarantee.

5. Brightest Flashlight

Brightest Flashlight

Luminous Flashlight
This software makes use of the smartphone camera’s LED Flash. However, this programme will increase the brightness of the LED flash on the camera. Therefore, this application will make the most of your smartphone’s camera’s LED flash feature.

You may adjust the brightness of your smartphone’s primary screen and backlit keypad using this application. Thus, this software has the ability to activate every light source on the smartphone. On Playstore, this free flashlight app for Android has a rating of 4.5.

6. Flashlight LED Genius

Flashlight LED Genius

The coolest app on this list is this free flashlight app for Android. It is as a result of the Shake to Light functionality offered by this software. With this feature, you can simply shake your Android smartphone to turn on the flashlight.

Additionally, this software offers thousands of themes for widgets and display applications. Through the Settings menu’s Advertisement menu, you can also get rid of advertisements. Additionally, the only installation access authorization you require is camera access.

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Comparing this application to other applications, it has a pretty great UI. This software, as its name suggests, also shows a flashlight that is much brighter than those of other applications. Furthermore, this application is straightforward to use and has an intuitive design.

You may switch the flashlight on and off using the slider on the home page. If you want to turn on the flashlight for a set amount of time, look for the timer feature. There are nine different blinking modes available for strobe mode (flashing).

8. Flashlight Ultimate

Flashlight Ultimate

It’s simple to use this free flashlight app for Android. This application also stands out for having a handle that resembles a genuine flashlight. The top of the display has a compass and an on/off switch as well.

More than a million people have downloaded this application. This application can compete with other applications in terms of light brightness. You can employ a variety of eye-catching lighting effects. Additionally, this application will continue to operate even while the screen is locked.

9. Icon Torch – Flashlight

Icon Torch – Flashlight Best Free Flashlight Apps

When you need a flashlight, this free flashlight app for Android provides an icon that will help. As a result, using a flashlight is not complicated when opening or accessing the software. The flashlight will turn on automatically when you click the torch button.

The fact that there are no advertisements in this software is crucial. Additionally, this software ensures that the flashlight brightness is sufficient for a flashlight. This software takes up extremely little memory—just 27 KB—in your system.

10. Flashlight – Torch LED Flash Light

Flashlight - Torch LED Flash Light

You may use this free flashlight app to turn your smartphone into a flashlight. This application is quick, simple, and effective to use. Furthermore, you can customise how you use this application.

This software contains a strobe feature that fast blinks the led light on your mobile device. It’s extremely easy to use this application; all you have to do is click the ON button. You can use this software to stroll while reading a book at night.

11. Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED

This Google Play Store application, which is a flashlight app, is very well-liked. Since it was first released a few years ago, this application has been downloaded by more than 600,000 Android users. You can use this application’s straightforward and user-friendly display.

You can also access it from the home screen more easily thanks to a widget. You can use this app to turn your smartphone’s screen into a flashlight. If you wish to use this application, you merely need to tap the ON button.

You should be aware of our review of free flashlight apps for Android. On the Play Store, you can get them for nothing. In order to find the application that is right for you, you must be aware of each application’s requirements.

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