10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps for Android in 2022

Your phone number is now a requirement for most web services. A phone number is required to create an account on many social networking, instant messaging, and video-streaming websites. When it comes to protecting your privacy, you may be reluctant to hand over your phone number. Using your primary cell phone number for all online transactions isn’t always a good idea. You run the risk of receiving unsolicited text messages and phone calls because of it. You may start using android’s Virtual Phone Number Apps that provide virtual phone numbers to address these issues.

Top 10 Android Applications for Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual cell phone number can be found in hundreds of Android apps that allow you to make calls, exchange SMS, verify accounts, and more. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best virtual phone number apps for Android below. Let’s get started now!

1. Cloud SIM

When it comes to using a virtual phone number on an Android device, Cloud SIM is a top pick. It gives you four different phone numbers that you can use for a variety of purposes, including making phone calls, sending SMS messages, and verifying online accounts.

UK, Polish, Canadian, French, and US phone numbers are available through Cloud SIM, a UK-based service. Purchase the desired phone number and make it your primary phone number immediately after purchasing the number. Moreover, phone calls and SMS messages are cheaper as compared to other apps.

2. Second Phone Number

International text messages and phone calls are now possible with Second Phone Number. Private phone numbers from countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are available through the app.

You can call and text any phone number in 28 different countries after purchasing a number. Voicemail and MMS are supported by the app’s phone numbers, as well.

3. GoDaddy Smartline

A U.S. phone number is only available through the Android app GoDaddy Smartline. It’s possible to get a phone number through the GoDaddy Smartline virtual SIM app without having to buy a second phone.

Though, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when using GoDaddy Smartline. In order to make calls, GoDaddy Smartline will use your cell phone service.

4. Line2

For Android smartphones, Line2 is one of the best virtual phone number apps. It’s easy to get a local or toll-free number with Line2 and keep in touch with loved ones wherever you are.

It’s possible to make unlimited VOIP phone calls and text messages from a Line2 virtual phone number. The Line2 calling app offers free calls and messaging with other users.

5. Burner

Different from the other programmes mentioned in the article, Burner is a standalone application. You can give out the phone number provided by the app to people you don’t know or trust. In spite of this, it works in a different way. Your Burner-generated phone number receives calls and texts, and the app automatically forwards them to your actual phone number.

Protect your privacy and conceal your cell phone number by using this application that intercepts calls. I think it’s a great idea, and it works fairly well. As a virtual phone number generator, Burner is a fantastic Android app that you can start using right away.

6. Hushed

You can already use Hushed, an Android app for private phone numbers, right now. With Hushed, you can choose from more than 300 area codes in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to make your phone calls.

hushed; Virtual Phone Number Apps

Hushed’s private phone numbers come with features like Auto-Reply text messages, call forwarding options, call routing, and voicemail greetings for each of their numbers. You can also get a free trial, but you can’t choose premium phone numbers.

7. Google Voice

Using Google Voice, you can make and receive phone calls, texts, and voicemails from a second phone number. In order to use Google Voice, you must be located in the United States.

google voice; Virtual Phone Number Apps

It is therefore possible for you to get a free phone number for calling, texting and voicemail if you are a US citizen with an individual Google account.

8. Numero eSIM

More than 80 countries and 400 cities are covered by the Numero eSIM virtual SIM card app. Many popular social networking and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Telegram, and others can use the app’s virtual numbers.

numero; Virtual Phone Number Apps

Call forwarding to your primary number and customised voicemail are just two of the many benefits you’ll enjoy after getting a virtual number. Numero eSIM is a fantastic Android app for getting a virtual phone number.

9. Skype

As of this list, Skype is the best video conferencing service on the market. In order to receive phone calls from people, you can buy a Skype number and give it out to them. A Skype number add-on gives you a second phone number that you can use for Skype calls.

In order to use the Android app, you will need a second phone number that is linked to your Skype account. Additional country-specific area codes are available for Skype numbers.

10. Dingtone

Dingtone is one of Android’s most reliable and efficient calling apps. Twenty million people use the Dingtone app, which provides a real phone number for your mobile device.

dingtone; Virtual Phone Number Apps

Selecting a phone number and purchasing an appropriate calling pack are the first steps on Dingtone. Calls to over 200 countries and regions can be made at low prices after the credit is added to your phone account. Group conference calls with up to 8 participants and group messaging with 100 or more users are also supported by Dingtone’s service.

From Editor’s Desk

It’s possible to get a virtual phone number on your Android device by using one of these apps. You can create as many virtual phone numbers as you want and use them to make and receive phone calls and text messages with these apps. Please let us know if you’re aware of any other services that use virtual phone numbers!

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