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10 Best Software for Employee Engagement in 2023

Only one third of employees, according to research, feel engaged at work, which is a worrying statistic.

The best way to maintain employee engagement is to develop a sense of purpose, encourage open communication, recognise employees, collect and use feedback, and provide an excellent overall working environment.

Here are the tools we believe will be most helpful to you in this.

Employee Engagement Software Comparison Criteria

What factors do I consider when choosing the finest platforms for employee satisfaction? Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Software for engagement should have an engaging user interface (UI). I’m seeking for user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing solutions for increasing staff engagement. Bonus points if they use gamification strategies or adopt social media concepts.

Usability: Will the system be simple to use for both employees and managers? And will the advantages entice people to participate frequently?

Integrations: Can the program simply connect to other solutions for staff management? Exist built-in integrations with significant HR systems?

Value for $:Are the prices reasonable for motivating staff in both small and large teams? Is it simple to understand the pricing structure?

Employee Engagement Software Key Features

This category includes a variety of software kinds. In addition to choices like 1:1 feedback tools, these include survey tools to assist you gather feedback and messaging software to boost  internal communication The following are the key characteristics to consider:

Daily Engagement with Employees: Dashboards, gamification, and activity feeds that allow team members to communicate and interact daily with employees can increase engagement throughout the employee lifecycle.

Goal Setting & Tracking: Tools for setting and tracking objectives that specify expectations and rewards for attaining them are available.

Performance Evaluation: Keeps track of performance from the time of Onboarding Important Performance Metrics

Employee Training Tools:  Ensures that everyone is aware of how to use the software to its fullest potential.

Survey & Feedback Options: Options for surveys and feedback from staff are gathered in real-time to track progress, spot issues, and boost retention.

Employee Recognition:Identifies and honours staff members who consistently provide excellent work.

Collaborative Spaces: group environments that foster members’ shared interests The reader supports Managing People. When you click on links on our website, we might receive a commission; find out more about how we try to be open about this.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Employee Engagement Tools

Here are some quick summaries of each of the employee engagement options on my list, highlighting what they each excel at (with screenshots to highlight some of the functionalities).

1. Workvivo

Best engagement app for emotionally connecting your people to your company, wherever they work from

No matter where they are situated, employees may connect emotionally with your company culture with the employee experience software called Workvivo. Their platform serves as an employee engagement tool, modern intranet, and communications hub all rolled into one social network experience.

Their technology has a recognisable social media feel that increases participation. Users can also customise their activity feed to show more content from the departments or coworkers they are most interested in. In order to monitor team morale, leadership members have access to other engagement tools including surveys and engagement metrics as well as the ability to interact across the platform via multimedia messaging. Employees are given a voice through additional tools like peer-driven award nominations and public shout-outs, which also help them form a stronger connection with your organization’s culture, objectives, and values.

Payroll software, Slack, and Microsoft Teams are just a few of the HR platforms that Workvivo works with frequently.

On request, Workvivo provides personalised price information, and their website allows you to request a free sample.

On request, pricing is provided.

Visit Website

2. ClearCompany

Best to build culture and increase morale, teamwork, recognition, and productivity

To encourage culture, peer appreciation, and teamwork, ClearCompany enables you to recognise and engage staff.
The simplest approach to combine all of your employee engagement activities into a single, automated solution is with ClearCompany. Their user-friendly software enables you to easily set up surveys, define and approve staff goals, recognise individual and team accomplishments, and celebrate employee successes.

Team leaders may make sure that everyone on the team is motivated and appreciated for their contributions while maintaining constant alignment on the most important priorities, objectives, and success factors.

Tools for background checks, calendars, job postings, payroll and benefits, and SSO are all integrated with ClearCompany.

On request, ClearCompany provides individualised pricing.

On demand pricing

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3. Empuls

Best for building a culture of appreciation

You can interact, acknowledge, reward, take surveys, and share comments using the Empuls interface.
Empuls is a tool for employee engagement that seeks to enhance corporate culture and liven up the entire digital workplace. Empuls can be used by people leaders to create a culture of gratitude, unite teams, break down silos, and give each employee a voice.

One-on-one feedback, peer and societal recognition, and a variety of incentives and bonuses are just a few of the features that come with Empuls. Additionally, you can use a social intranet platform to centralise internal communications and recognise staff members when they do well and go above and beyond expectations. You can use real-time feedback from Empuls to gauge the effect of your employee engagement activities and employee attitude.

Employer recognition initiatives can be coordinated with company culture and values using Empuls. With the aid of Empuls, recognition may be effortless, frank, enjoyable, and social.

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Azure AD, Google Workspace, Gusto, Keka, Darwinbox, Zoho People, Freshteam, BambooHR, greytHR, SAP SuccessFactors, People Strong, LinkedIn, and Giphy are among the platforms with which Empuls interfaces.

Empuls offers a 30-day free trial and prices start at $2 per user per month.

Start your 30-day free trial right away with no restrictions on features and no obligations.

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4. Leapsome

Best for closing the loop between employee engagement, performance management and personal development

You can monitor your team’s performance and skill improvement over time with Leapsome’s comprehensive analytics.
Leapsome is the all-in-one technology used by businesses like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel to maximise employee engagement. The growth of your people and business is powered by a continual cycle of engagement, feedback, and tailored learning made possible by Leapsome.

Leapsome has features like employee engagement surveys that let you pinpoint what motivates employees and track their happiness over time. The application assists you in translating corporate feeling into action, whether through unique inquiries or Leapsome’s professional templates. These surveys offer complete customization in terms of questions, frequency, participation, departmental segmentation, performance, and other factors.

You may share and request peer feedback from anyone, at any time, using Leapsome, and you can manage settings like public, private, or mentor visibility. This function makes it simpler to link your behaviour to the values or competencies of the firm. You can create the most beneficial learning routes for your employees’ professional development and career advancement with Leapsome’s learning module.

Leapsome’s 360° and performance reviews are totally configurable, simple to set up, and they assist you in creating a work environment that values constant feedback. Leapsome is equipped with all the tools you could possibly need, including expert templates, skill frameworks, development pathways, automations, and robust analytics.

Leapsome interacts with numerous well-liked collaboration and communication platforms, SSO, and HRIS tools.

Leapsome starts at $8 per user per month.

$8 per user each month

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5. intelliHR

Best HR software for engagement analytics and continuous feedback

In-depth sentiment analysis and complete interaction analytics are both provided by intelliHR.
Through ongoing feedback and engagement data, the employee engagement solution intelliHR helps firms increase employee engagement. The platform offers HR and management best-practice tools to align, monitor, and support a people and culture plan inside a more comprehensive business strategy.

The sophisticated engagement analytics and active listening capabilities of intelliHR, which include eNPS scores, sentiment analysis, wellbeing check-ins, and engagement surveys, are where the company offers value. HR managers can use this data to provide comprehensive insight into problems and opportunities while making decisions.

Engagement analytics are also included into intelliHR. Through a variety of simple-to-use interactive dashboards that capture insights on training investment, team sentiment, attrition, performance, and employee satisfaction, the analytics features enable organisations to get a first-hand understanding of their people’s happiness, engagement, and wellbeing. Through tools like goals, comments, and frequent check-ins, managers may use the analytics feature to stay on top of their staff.

With an award-winning customer service team skilled in HR and change management, intelliHR has an NPS that leads the market. To ensure that the product is released smoothly and has a high adoption rate, the team uses design thinking workshops that are customised for each customer.

Starting at $3.60 per user each month, intelliHR (annual plan). The employee engagement product tier is also available for free demonstration and a 30-day free trial.

thirty days of no cost

$3.6 per user per month (annual plan)

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6. Xoxoday Plum

Xoxoday Plum helps you compensate your employees with thousands of unique reward options to choose from

Xoxoday Plum provides you with tens of thousands of creative incentive options to help you pay your staff.
Recognizing and rewarding your workforce’s contributions is the first step in boosting employee engagement, which is where solutions like Xoxoday Plum come in. A cloud-based rewards, incentive, and payout solution, it aids companies in promoting employee engagement throughout the employee lifetime. With a simple point-based system, it enables firms to build up automated incentive campaigns for employee onboarding, referrals, performance, tenure, milestones, and more. Additionally, you can link it to your HR management system to incorporate reward workflows and develop reward rule engines for a variety of employee behaviours and milestones.

The full-stack embedded solution from Xoxoday enables companies to manage scalable rewards programmes for their global workforce. They offer 21,000+ e-gift options from 4,000+ brands in 80+ countries in their inventory, in addition to a redemption gateway that is multilingual and supports 12 languages. Their reward types include cash equivalents, gift cards, and prepaid cards (like Paytm, Google pay, Wallets, etc.). Their support teams are also dispersed internationally across several time zones, so there is always someone accessible to immediately assist you with any problems.

Xoxoday Plum connects with numerous popular tools like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. These systems include Zoho People, SAP SuccessFactors, BambooHR, DarwinBox, Namely, Hono HR, and Pocket HRMS.

Starter, Pro, and Enterprise are the three pricing tiers offered by Xoxoday Plum. Their Pro plan starts at $600/month and includes a 10% discount off the overall reward value. Depending on the size of your team and the incentive vouchers you purchase, the price for their Enterprise plan can be obtained upon request.

free trial offered

A Pro package starts at $600 per month.

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7. Cooleaf

Best all-in-one engagement platform for virtual team recognition activities

Through virtual engagement initiatives and events, Cooleaf unites teams.
Through the support of a strong engagement strategy, Cooleaf assists businesses in empowering and celebrating their staff. You need a mechanism to foster team connections whether your team is entirely in-person, somewhat in-person, or entirely remote. Cooleaf’s engagement specialists will work with you to develop meaningful experiences, such as step challenges and virtual recipe swaps, to assist you in getting set up.

In order to make your staff feel heard, respected, and understood, Cooleaf offers a plan from employee onboarding through continuous engagement. Their platform may be used to encourage DEI, advance learning and development, encourage health and wellbeing, and recognise successful teamwork. Through their customizable worldwide rewards catalogue, your team members can exchange their award points for merchandise such as team gear, gift cards, and donations to charity organisations by participating in your virtual team community.

Additionally, Cooleaf gives businesses the ability to monitor their employee experience through robust dashboards and analytics and to record employee sentiment through pulse surveys. Employees will also value how simple it is to recognise coworkers’ accomplishments as a result of their well-liked connections with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Additionally, Cooleaf integrates with a wide range of other systems, including well-known HRIS suppliers, single sign-on platforms, and training & development programmes.

Upon request, Cooleaf offers personalised pricing. On their website, you can also request a free demo.

free trial offered

On demand pricing

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8. Assembly

Best for making employees feel appreciated, connected to their work, and aligned with company values

Assembly makes it simple to increase employee engagement by publicly and often recognising accomplishments.
Through its configurable workflows, the employee engagement software Assembly enables you to operate more productively. Your team’s productivity will increase as your daily workflows are made simpler thanks to their system’s access to 40+ process templates, including Employee Recognition & Engagement.

By simplifying the process of recognising accomplishments, sharing news with the entire organisation, and nominating top performers, Assembly has assisted thousands of businesses in achieving 95% employee engagement. Additionally, Assembly has functions for standup meetings and team retrospectives.

Assembly connects with common SSO & HRIS programmes, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Assembly offers a free trial and prices start at $2.80/user/month.

Free test

$2.80 per user each month

Visit Website

9. Bucketlist Rewards

Best for unique, company-specific reward opportunities

Both supervisor-to-team and peer-to-peer recognition mechanisms are supported by Bucketlist Rewards.
With special corporate prizes and/or gift cards, the employee recognition and rewards platform Bucketlist Rewards gamifies employee engagement and encourages an above-and-beyond work ethic. In order to connect engagement with your core values, they enable you to create a list of pre-selected recognition categories, such as accountability, assisting others, customer focus, and quality of work.

Bucketlist Awards is a really nice feature where you can create your own company-specific rewards and contribute them to the pool. You could, for instance, put up for bids a private parking space or 30 days with a company car. This is a terrific method to change the focus of rewards from “cashing out” to being more deeply engaged to your team, company, and environment.

Integrate Bucketlist Rewards with Ascentis, Ultipro, BambooHR, and ADP.

Upon request, Bucketlist Rewards provides personalised pricing. Simply schedule a meeting with their sales team to gain access, and you can test out their product for free for 14 days.

14-day no-risk trial

On request, pricing is provided.

Visit Website

10. Jenz App

Best employee engagement app for intuitive, mobile-friendly employee communication and engagement

To keep staff members informed, Jenz’s activity stream blends “Official tales” from your business with “Social stories.”
Jenz provides businesses with a straightforward, stylish, and user-friendly interface for boosting worker productivity, engagement, and enterprise-wide collaboration. It serves as a hub where staff members can easily access the relevant information they require each day to communicate, collaborate, and learn. In essence, it is a closed social network that enables users to post or share information with the entire company or, if necessary, ask for rapid response. In comparison to alternative solutions, organisations can anticipate a greater user adoption rate, particularly among remote workers.

The features in their employee engagement app are numerous. Sharing and responding to content, praising one another, posting anonymous surveys, updating your away status (or simply indicating that you’re remote), and navigating through departments to find the coworker you need to contact are all options available. Through a shoutbox, which serves as a venue for recommendations, criticisms, and compliments, your staff members may also provide you anonymous employee feedback. These are just a few of the app’s features that help to raise morale among staff members and maintain their interest in their jobs.

Their activity feed is simple to use and offers users a continual stream of updates, including “Official tales” from your business and “Social stories” from your employees. Administrative users have access to an admin dashboard that compiles and keeps track of all activity on the platform for the most comprehensive oversight of employee communication.

The usual productivity apps you use, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype, are all integrated with Jenz.

The monthly fee for Jenz is $5 for the first 200 users, $2 for the next 1000, and $1 for users 1001 on above. Also available is a free demo.

free trial offered

$5 per month per user

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Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Employee Engagement Software?

For your convenience, People Managing People has partnered with the software comparison website to help you select the product that best suits your requirements. To assist you in finding the software solutions that best meet the objectives of your company, Crozdesk’s Employee Engagement Software experts can compile a customised shortlist of options. You have free access to their personalised software selection assistance as a result of our agreement, saving you time and trouble when doing your search.

You can submit your requests in just a few minutes, and they will call you right away with no cost or obligation. You will receive personalised software shortlists from their staff of software advisers that are based on your demands and list the top solutions (via phone or email). Additionally, they can offer you savings negotiated by the local community and connect you with the vendors you choose.

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