10 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for MacOS

The most used text editor on Windows is Notepad++. It may serve many purposes and has many useful characteristics, beginning with a configurable user interface, syntax highlighting and folding, and multi-document, multi-view, and playback features. But unfortunately, it is incompatible with macOS. But don’t worry, in terms of functionality, Notepad++ is on par with other text editors for macOS. Some might be even better. This article includes notepad alternatives for MacOS.

The switch from Windows to macOS has been challenging for the majority of customers. However, you will gradually grow in love with it over time. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing but are worried about giving up a convenient, free tool like Notepad++, don’t worry. If you’re looking for an alternative to Notepad++ for macOS, we have you covered with several options. Come on then, let’s get going!

List of the Best Notepad++ Alternatives for MacOS

Here’s a list of top 10 notepad alternatives for MacOS.

1. Atom

notepad alternatives for macos

Atom is the first one on the list of top notepad alternatives for MacOS. Its UI is tidy, vibrant, and user-friendly. Sixty percent of developers throughout the world have used Atom for at least two years, which is an interesting fact (2018-2019). It is similar in use and popularity to the widely-used notepad++.

Because it is open source, you can modify Atom to suit your specific needs. For further personalization and a more polished overall look, you may also download extra themes in addition to the four that come standard.

It’s built on top of Electron and uses HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js. Modal controls, project management tools, Stack Overflow integration, and Git conflict resolution are just some of the extras that may be added to a text editor.

In addition, the GitHub staff will offer helpful support and frequent updates. The Atom programming language can be downloaded without cost.


  • There are few scaling issues in Atom as it was built with HiDPI support from the ground up.
  • C++-based, open source, and very hackable.
  • Extensive package list, including the package manager.


  • Extremely high startup time and memory usage.
  • It takes a little longer to open larger text files.

Why Opt for Atom?

Atom can be used as a free and open-source alternative to Notepad++. It has all the necessary features and an integrated package manager, making website development a breeze.

2. Textastic

notepad alternatives for macos

The second on the list of best notepad alternatives for MacOS is textastic. If you’re willing to spend a few money, Textastic is a fantastic alternative. It’s the best text editor for macOS and it’s cheap, too.In addition to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, and Objective-C, Textastic supports over eighty other programming languages for source code, markup, and auto-completion.

The way it uses native macOS APIs to speed up the process is impressive. As an added bonus, Textastic allows synchronisation via iCloud. You may stop stressing over the safety of your data now. There is no need to recreate your work across platforms because Textastic is accessible for iOS as well. All the advanced features you could ever want are included right in it.


  • Support for over 80 source codes and markup languages.
  • It’s a fast editor that can handle lengthy texts with ease.
  • Automated iCloud backups.


  • No terminal Help for Python and Secure Shell

Why Opt for Textastic?

Designed to be a more user-friendly and straightforward premium option. Textastic is great for power editing, and it’s also a good option if you’re not too tech aware. Beginning will be pretty straightforward. It will save you a significant deal of time and drastically eliminate errors.

3. Brackets

notepad alternatives for macos

Do you know that Adobe also makes a text editor for macOS? Well, Brackets is an open-source text editor that is free, powerful, and simple to use.

Adobe continually refines and expands its programme with new features and plugins; incredible, right? Fast searching, help for CSS and JS hints, and tens of thousands of available themes are just a few of the handy extras.

Programmers choose brackets because it has a built-in capability that simplifies things and they use it routinely for Git integration. Extract is a remarkable quality that is worth examining as well.

It can automatically transform a PSD file into pristine CSS by extracting all the necessary information, such as gradient, font, colour, and measurement data. Converting a Photoshop file into a web-friendly format can be simplified with this method too.


  • Live preview to view real-time modifications
  • Photoshop code integration hint
  • Justifies the cost of membership.


  • It takes time to get started.
  • When using the live preview, the app may unexpectedly close on rare occasions.

Why Opt for Brackets?

The best possible editing interface at the front end. Real-time preview is quite helpful, and the program’s compatibility with Adobe Photoshop makes it a better fit for design-related development work.

4. Sublime Text

notepad alternatives for macos

A highly adaptable text editor that can aid in programming and web design. Sublime Text has an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of useful tools.

It works fine on PCs and Macs alike. By default, a text editor will only let you open a file by inputting its whole name. The Python application programming interface (API) is supported so that new plugins can be added and existing ones enhanced.

You can use Sublime Text on any of these three platforms, and it will be fast and responsive. Highlighting features in this text editor, including as the command palette, speedy project switch, and split editing, make it a good choice for anybody.

Commonly, Sublime Text doesn’t cost anything to use. If you plan on making it your permanent partner, though, you can apply for a licence.


  • Instantaneous setup and coding.
  • Capability of being further developed.
  • Dependable cross-platform support.
  • Although small in size, it has extensive IDE functionality.


  • Has a proprietary code. Hence, you won’t have the option to make changes or have a convenient toolbar.

Why Opt for Sublime Text?

If you’re looking for a faster alternative to Visual Studio, Sublime Text could be your best option. The programme can be opened in a flash, it does searches quickly, and it can be customised to meet your needs.

5. SlickEdit

notepad alternatives for macos

Next on the list of best notepad alternatives for MacOS is slickedit. Managing a large number of files, projects, symbols, and classes is a breeze with SlickEdit, a powerful editor. The vast majority of languages used in computer science can work with it. Files may be built and debugged quickly with SlickEdit. With a single click, you can see exactly where the mistake occurred.

If you’re looking for a high-quality text editor, go no further than SlickEdit. In addition to more than sixty primary languages, it is compatible with nine different operating systems.

One of Notepad++’s most popular features is its automatic indentation, which is both simple and effective. But, SlickEdit is not a free programme!


  • Robust multilingual source code and editor.
  • Permits customised macro-level. •Interactions, commands, and features.
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio. •Environments, symbol analysis, and XCode projects.


  • Input is entirely graphical; no command line switches are available.
  • The risks increase with project size.

Why Opt for SlickEdit?

Built for advanced programmers. The source code and text editor is a genuine cross-platform, multi-language editor is award-winning, and it features a wide variety of tools for editing code and energy-saving programming skills.

6. BBEdit

Since BBEdit has been around for nearly three decades, you can rest assured that it will continue to function reliably and efficiently. One of the most powerful HTML and text editors available, featuring a wide range of built-in options.

Hard Wrap’s HTML features, which begin with text editing, are extensive and cover, among other things, easy markup, the manipulation of numerous files, and the selection of appropriate placeholders, all of which serve to make site maintenance easier.

Over twenty pre-installed languages have customizable syntax colouring support. This high-end text editor was once a premium programme, but it has since been released on a free model. The essential features are included in the free edition.

Anyway, there are professional choices available for a monthly fee that can be used however the subscriber sees fit.


  • Source code and text are extensively formatted.
  • Durable, solid, and trustworthy performance.
  • Extremely customizable, which makes the development of automated processes much simpler.


  • No direct preview window.
  • Rather pricey.

Why Opt for BBEdit?

The best aspect of BBEdit is that it has few distractions. If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality text editor and value speed and efficiency, BBEdit is an excellent choice. With BBEdit, it’s all about speed and customization.

7. MacVim Text Editor

For macOS, Notepad++ has stiff competition from MacVim, another text editor that is popular among programmers. Android and iOS are just two of the many supported operating systems. The design of the interface is excellent. It’s full-screen, hence it’ll work with the ODB editor, and it has a transparent background.

MacVim has all the same capabilities as the powerful Unix text editor Vim. It’s just as robust and flexible, and there’s a sizable online community ready to answer any queries you may have.

Each of the tens of thousands of accessible plugins is fully compatible with MacVim, which is a huge plus. Not recommended for newbies, but a fantastic choice for pros. Every one of MacVim’s high-end capabilities is available to you for free.


  • All Vim plugins should work with MacVim.
  • Large-scale help for the community.
  • Advantages such as Vimtutor, OS X input methods, and Multi-byte support are provided.


  • It can take up to a minute to open a file containing a lot of really long lines.

Why Opt for MacVim’s text editor?

MacVim is the ideal solution if you want to use a native Mac interface and want to be able to efficiently manage windows. It has all the features you need and extensive support for customisation to make your development easier.

8. jEdit

Millions of people all over the world rely on jEdit, a reputable text editor. It offers an interactive user interface, works with macOS, and comes packed with powerful features. jEdit is a free and public Java editor. Compared to other text editors, it is far more user-friendly for programming.

This one is extensible via plugins, and it supports macro language. jEdit’s multilingual support makes it a great choice for programmers. Using syntax highlighting helps speed up development and eliminate syntax mistakes.

What sets jEdit apart from its competitors is that it supports various character encodings. Amazingly, all this is completely free!


  • Syntax highlighting is available for more than 150 different languages.
  • Available for no cost and entirely adaptable to the needs of commercial users.
  • Numerous add-ons are supported.


  • Highly Reliant on Java
  • The author receives no direct support in any way.

Why Opt for jEdit?

Another zero-dollar option that gives you complete control over the program’s appearance and functionality is here. If you are comfortable with Java, you will find the plugin system in jEdit to be quite useful.

9. Visual Studio Code

A viable substitute is available in the form of a text editor from Microsoft. Free and highly compatible, Visual Studio Code is an excellent text editor. As a result of using Visual Studio Code is that creating websites is fun. It streamlines development effort by supporting 30 core languages and a number of other modern web languages.

There are a number of other useful features, such as a real-time, automatic API description, linting, regex support, and Git control debugging. It also has the user-friendly capability of allowing IDE use.

As an added bonus, debugging allows for the syntax to be highlighted and any mistakes to be removed. The primary strengths of Visual Studio Code are its code editor and visual development tools. It also reduces the amount of room needed for storing the item.


  • Merging Git and the Mac OS X Terminal.
  • Providing syntax highlighting for the most common languages.
  • Dedicated volunteer work in the community.


  • High drain on the batteries.
  • Extremely resource-intensive software; could impede performance on older computers.

Why Opt for Visual Studio Code?

A great text editor for regular usage. It’s a powerful, user-friendly, and lightning-fast source code editor.

10. Coda 2

Coda 2 comes last on the list of Best notepad alternatives for macos. It is packed with features intended to streamline the development process for programmers and coders. It’s now easy to switch between many code files without losing your place. Aesthetic value is added by the use of visual tabs and syntax colouring. Several add-ons are available to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the software.

The efficiency of its operation makes this open-source text editor a good choice. The ability to automate tasks is also handy. The user experience is enhanced by the availability of automatic method, function, and variable name completion. Alternative plugins come in a wide variety. Thanks to Coda 2, managing and distributing updated files is a breeze.


  • Together, the mobile preview and live side-by-side comparison make for an unbeatable combination.
  • File sharing and transmission capabilities are included in.
  • One-piece furniture serving as both a table and a writing desk.


  • Connecting to external services rarely pays off.
  • Having a high learning curve.

Why Opt for Coda 2?

Considered to be among the most convenient text editors due to its all-inclusive nature. If you’re already comfortable with Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, the upgraded source code editor won’t take long to learn.

The Outcome

Looking for a good Mac Notepad replacement? There are a lot of options that provide useful functionality and customization options without charging a fee. To illustrate, let’s use the element atom. It has all of Notepad++’s capabilities and is the closest replacement. However, BBEdit shines when put to use in a commercial setting. We also recommend Brackets, a highly flexible front-end editor.

Finally, you have to decide what to do based on your personal needs. To conduct tests on each and every applicant would be wasteful of time and money. You can pick your top two or three options from the list of notepad alternatives for macos after reading the reviews and thinking about the pros and downsides of each. Think carefully about it, and pick the top one!

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